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Pike and Pike Fishing Lures

Northen Pike picture
The Northern Pike is a voracious eater, and a very popular gamefish. The Pike can exceed 40 pounds in weight, and be very abundant. As well, the Pike is an aggressive eater which can be easily caught. Pike are fearless, with a serious set of teeth.

Recommended Pike Fishing Lures

Topwater Fishing Lures
  • Rattlin Dog  - a 4 1/2" long "Walk the Dog" Topwater Lure
    Crankbait Fishing Lures

  • Pike Diver  - a 4 1/2" deep diving crankbait fishing lure
  • Pike Killer  - a 5" medium running crankbait
  • Diving Minnow  - 3 1/2" deep running crankbait

    Habitat : Northern Pike have a very wide distribution, across Northwestern Europe, Northern Asia, and most of northern North America. Generally pike live in shallow water less than 15 feet in depth, with weedy areas, generally close to shore. Pike are opportunistic eaters, eating mostly small fish, frogs, crayfish, and even mice, snakes, and small birds. Optimal water temperature is mid 60's to mid 70's, and termperature in the mid 80's or higher can be lethal.

    Biology : Pike spawn right after ice out in the spring. Marshes and flooded wetlands/timber are prime spawning areas. One female and several males spawn together, the males slapping the female with their tails while she is releasing her eggs. The eggs hatch in 12-14 days, and the fingerlings eat smaller prey and gain weight quickly. Growth is quickest in the first 2 years, and generally a Pike is about 20" long after 2 years. Pike usually live about 7 years, growing to about 36" long, but larger specimens are possible. The largest recorded North American Pike was 46 pounds.

    Pike Fishing Tips : The favorite food for pike is minnows and other fish, and generally you are imitating those smaller fish when angling. Use spinners, spoons, crankbaits for Pike. Who hasn't used a Red Daredevil for Pike? In the warmer weather, look for Pike in weedy areas, like bays. Best times for these areas are late spring, and early fall. In the colder weather, pike will head to cooler water, but they will still be close to weedy areas where they feed. Live minnows are a great bait, and certainly very popular to use through the ice. Pike feed by sight, so active movement of the lure or bait is key. They tend to take their prey away before swallowing it, with live bait let them settle down before striking, and that is generally a good idea with other baits as well. Of course if you are intended to do catch and release, do an earlier hook set to ensure that the bait or lure isn't swallowed too far. Topwater lures when Pike are in shallow water are great. Buzzbaits, and larger topwater lures, especially when larger fish are to be expected, are great ways to catch Pike.

    Pike are very good eating, with white, firm flesh. There is a Y-shaped bone which is troublesome to filet out if you are not familiar with it. Once you have an idea of the shape of the bone, it is fairly easy to get out in larger fish. (We'll post an article on fileting Pike in the near future)

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